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As a 2020 senior at Columbia College Chicago, my senior recital was scheduled for this April.  

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic meant that my concert was cancelled.  In lieu of this recital, I have created this page putting the works that were going to be performed into an online format featuring a variety of media. 

Glass House (2020)

for solo piano

 Teti Themis

Twisted Framework (2018)

for Flute, Clarinet in BbVibraphone, Piano, Violin, and 


Special thanks to Nathaniel Wolkstein (violin)

Chorny Vornan 2018
00:00 / 02:22


Chorny Voron (2018)

for Bassoon, Vibraphone, Violin, and Cello

Performers: Chicago Composer's Orchestra

Conductor: Sebastian Huydts

Stratus 2019
00:00 / 05:36

Stratus (2019)

for Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Piano, Violin, and Cello


Originally scheduled for an April performance by Ensemble Concept/21, future performance by Ensemble Concept/21 TBA

Levity (2017)


Baritone Saxophone: Alexander Brinkley

Piano: Christine Meng

I would like to thank all of the performers who helped me in this process!  I would also like to give a huge thank you to all of my teachers at Columbia College Chicago, I could not have reached this point without you!  A big thank you specifically to my senior recital coordinator and composition teacher, Kenn Kumpf!

After I graduate I will be staying at Columbia College Chicago to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Screen Scoring!

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